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Prayer & Praise Reports

Rooted in MORE of Jesus Uganda - October 16-21, 2012

The purpose was not only to give messages from the Word of God, but to instruct pastors and leaders in how to read and study the Word for themselves, in order to impart it effectively to others.  Our purpose in accepting their invitation, was to do what we could to bring Light into the darkness and to strengthen that which remains (Revelation 3:2).  Click here to read more.

Just Give Me Jesus Augusta, GA Revival - September 21-22, 2012

On September 21-22, thousands of faces turned their attention to "THE" Master, Jesus, the One who was honored, worshiped and praised inside the James Brown Arena.  Read more here.

Just Give Me Jesus Indianapolis, IN Kick-Off - May 1, 2012

The attribute of God being "faithful" describes our Just Give Me Jesus Kick-off in Indianapolis. God was faithful to go before us, paving the way with dozens of details large and small; details that created a foundation that He could use on May 1st.  Click here to read more.